Honda cbr1000rr 2013 suspension setup

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Individual suspension set-up with your new CBR1000RR SP Sir?

Page - Overheating High coolant temperature in Table of Contents. This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle. This publication includes the latest production information available. Honda Motor Co.

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No part of this publication may be reproduced without written. The vehicle pictured in this owner's manual may not match your actual.

Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Page 2 Congratulations on your purchase of a new Country Codes Honda motorcycle. Page 5: Motorcycle Safety Motorcycle Safety This section contains important information for safe riding of your motorcycle. Please read this section carefully. Safety Guidelines Instruct your passenger on specified in this manual.

Page 7 Safety Guidelines Ride Defensively Ride within Your Limits Always pay attention to other vehicles around Never ride beyond your personal abilities or you, and do not assume that other drivers see faster than conditions warrant. Fatigue and you. Be prepared to stop quickly or perform an inattention can impair your ability to use good evasive maneuver. Ride slowly and cautiously.

Page 9 Safety Guidelines Carbon Monoxide Hazard Exhaust contains poisonous carbon monoxide, a colourless, odorless gas. Breathing carbon monoxide can cause loss of consciousness and may lead to death. If you run the engine in confined or even partly enclosed area, the air you breathe could contain a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide. Some labels warn you of carefully.

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In the interest of safety, take the potential hazards that could cause serious injury. Battery produce explosive gas that can cause explosion. Hot coolant will scald you. Relief pressure valve begins to open at 1. Do not heat. Page 15 Cold tyre pressure: [Driver only] Front kPa 2. No passenger. Page Riding Precautions Riding Precautions Riding Precautions The tyres slip more easily on such surfaces and braking distances are longer.However, having access to Honda trained technicians means that he does like to have an occasional tinker with the bike so it is set up perfectly for him.

Recently John decided it was time for the suspension to be tailored to suit him personally so he booked the bike into the workshop to have it sorted. The first thing Mitch, our diagnostic technician, did was to measure the travel on the front and rear of the bike with the wheels off the ground so there was no weight on the suspension.

After jotting down these measurements it was time to get John to sit on the bike. It turns out the front was too soft and the rear was too hard. When the front end is too soft it compresses too quickly which can make the front end feel vague. Mitch adjusted the compression on the front forks to suit John then turned his attention to the back of the bike. The rear suspension was too hard. When Mitch had adjusted the rear suspension so it was suitable for John he checked his previous measurements again to make sure his adjustments were correct.

The next step was to sort out the rebound. The front rebound controls how quickly the bike comes back up after being compressed by braking or cornering and affects the weight transfer on corner entry and exit. To change the rate of rebound Mitch adjusted it by turning a screwdriver in the adjusters on top of the forks and counting the required amount of clicks.

The rear rebound gives you traction by keeping the rear wheel in contact with the road surface. When the rear rebound is too hard it can cause loss of traction. Mitch adjusted the shock using the C spanner included in the bikes original tool kit.

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Finally, John sat on the bike once again for all of the measurements to be checked one last time. When Mitch was satisfied that everything had gone well John was able to take the bike out for a test ride. When he got back the grin on his face was enough to tell us that even the slight adjustments that were made had enhanced his enjoyment of the bike.

You can book your bike into our workshops to have your suspension tailored to your own needs. It only takes about an hour and can really improve the feel of your bike. The original settings on all Honda motorcycles are really good.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. April 12,AM. Please consider using our sponsors. They will give you the best deals on the best parts out there! Pages: [ 1 ] 2. This was already on the site, but all scattered around In April Issue: Front: Preload: 7 turns out from full stiff; Rebound damping: 2 turns out from full stiff; Compression damping; 2.

RRRacer: If you set the static sag at about 28mm on the front and on the rear you wont go far wrong.

honda cbr1000rr 2013 suspension setup

USplitter: I am lbs without gear on, I have the front preload cranked all the way in and still havve 43 mm of sag on front. However the rear factory pre-load was just fine, if I remember about 36 mm sag the race-tech guy said that thee pro-link rear works better with a bit more sag than other bikes. It's perfect. My front is preloaded all the way and about 1 turn out, too. It's okay but not near what i'd probably get set up for by a pro. Ozjack's recommended settings for lb.

Closer to 20 for the track and closer to 25 for the road. I'm running mine at 28 front and rear. At lbs I need 3 rings in the front showing and position 5 in the rear to get that 28 mm.

BIKE magazine setting sag all bikes They recommend that the static sag setting should be one third of the suspension travel. For example, if you have mm total travel with the suspension fully extended, then with the rider and their gear on the bike, mm of travel should be left. Just another option for setting your sag. I don't even have a mustache. I like the troubleshooting chart, how about a link where I can get a clean copy of it. Looks like you scanned it in. Quote from: old wanderer on April 07,AM.

That looks like it took you some time and I'll be the first one to thank you for it. This thread is so good I'm moving it to the FAQ section! Quote from: Fretless33 on April 07,PM. Ozjack Guest. Quote from: bobhope on April 22,PM.

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I cant get the thing to budge even with a spanner wrench. Also, any know how to get the bike about an inch lower. Shock it with a sharp blow with a screwdriver. After it moves the first time it usually moves easier. Quote from: DIM.

honda cbr1000rr 2013 suspension setup

The rear shock is stepped-preload, meaning it will snap to the next setting and skin your knuckles.I arrived at TW Suspension to find Teut just arriving himself. It was as if we had been friends for years. I have a Fireblade 08 and he immediately set the rebound, compression and preload as by magic. Then we did some measurements together as he explained what he was doing.

Then more adjustments in line with the measurements and the discussion on my requirements and riding stylewhich was mainly road but with the odd track day. I went for a quick spin which immediately told me Teut has a magic touch.

This consequently gives me more confidence in tipping the bike into corners as I no longer worry about the road conditions. Wet riding also suddenly became a joy! A Sunday ride to Devils bridge and and I was hooked; even hitting cattle grids with more confidence!

Even though Teut was very busy he still managed to fit me in at short notice. On arrival he offered me a brew and asked what I was looking to get from the new set up and how the bike was in its current set up. After Teut had set up both the front and rear suspension he told me to go for a ride and come back and report my findings. Fortunately there is a road close by that has a series of tight bends and some faster sweeping ones plus many bumps to fully test out the new suspension settings.

The rear of the bike had been transformed which resulted in a far less harsh ride and more feedback as a result. The front was better but I felt there was a few more tweaks required. I reported back to Teut and he made a few more minor adjustments and off I went again. Straight away I knew this was right and bumps in the road were far less noticeable and the bike seemed to glide over them. I reported back with a big smile on my face and talked to Teut about how much better everything felt and how the bike had been transformed.

I left about an hour and 20 mins after arriving and went home via the twisty roads long way home even though I didn't really have the time to do so but still it was a great descision.

The CBR1000RR's Balance Free Rear Cushion explained

A very happy rider and I'm sure I will be sending my friends for a suspension set up too. Fantastic: we found Teut because we wanted to ensure the bikes suspensions were set up right for us. The cbr already felt brilliant so I wasn't expecting a massive change but the knowledge that it was right for me would have been enough, but after a couple of weeks of riding I have found it feels even more planted, balanced and feels great through the bends.

My Husband's Triumph Speed Triple was next, Teut could not believe how the front end was set up, to the point he felt it could has been dangerous, but as we have never messed with the suspension we assumed it was ok. The difference my Husband has noticed has amazed him, making him feel safer and happy in the knowledge that it's now set up right for him. In future we will take any new bikes to Teut so we can be sure.

I have had the suspension rebuilt and set-up by other suspension technicians in the past and been happyish with the result, but heard about Teut at TW Suspension Tech in Preston, so I rang him, liked what I heard and popped around with the bike. He checked, measured, logged everything and asked about what was happening with the the bike on track, my weight and preferences were logged.

I brought my old leaking Fox Twin Clicker shock and forks to Teut to fully tune and rebuild. Once they were refit in the bike he set my bike up correctly. Then I was off to a cold greasy November day at Oulton Park. To my surprise I had a good early pace and was happy.

Teut rang to see how I was going on he knew I was nervous after not riding for so long and told me to do a minor tweak. By the end of the day I was running with the advance group, nobody over took me and I was lapping bikes and over taking them with ease. Teut has the passion and the knowledge, all I asked for was for the bike to be better than me and he certainty achieved that and more. Massive thanks Teut Simon Aspin Blackburn.

Hi Teut, Enjoyed the ride home - what a revelation!I'll be the first to admit that other than tweaking rebound and compression slightly, I'd left my suspension alone due to lack of knowledge and being intimidated by all the settings.

I'm here to tell you that being intimidated by your suspension is a mistake. Start by setting up your sag, which is the amount the suspension compresses when the rider with their gear is mounted on the machine.

Sportbike Suspension Guide

There are two types of sag This will be a basic article on suspension, so I'm only going to focus on rider sag to keep things simple. You'll need to have a couple of friends around to help take measurements and steady the bike. Start by picking a point on the tail of the motorcycle that is exactly perpendicular right above the rear axle.

Mark it with a small piece of tape and put a dot on the tape with a Sharpie. Next, rock the bike back on the side stand, or place a jack under the oil pan, and raise the bike until the rear wheel is off the ground.

Once the rear wheel is suspended, measure the distance from the top of the rear axle to the dot on the piece of tape. Note this measurement, and convert it to millimeters for easier math later. This is the measurement of the suspension fully extended. Now do the same with the front. If you used a jack, simply push down on the rear of the bike until the front wheel comes off the ground.

If using the side stand method, you'll need to have friends help lift the front of the bike until the front wheel is suspended. Measure from the bottom of the fork wiper small rubber seal to the top edge of the lower fork casting.

Note this measurement and convert it to millimeters for easier math later. Now, get all suited up in your riding gear and mount the bike. Take the bike off it's side stand and have a friend hold the front of the bike to keep it steady as you assume a tucked riding position. Now have a friend gently lift up on the rear of the bike and gently let go to let the suspension settle.

Now have this same friend push down gently on the rear of the bike and gently let go for the suspension to settle and take this same measurement again and note it. Perform this same procedure on the front of the bike, having a friend gently lift up on the front of the bike and gently let go allowing the suspension to settle. Measure from the fork wiper to the top edge of the lower fork casting the same as you did with the suspension fully extended and note the measurement. Now have your friend push down gently on the front of the bike and gently release allowing the suspension to settle and take this same measurement from the fork wiper to the top edge of the lower fork casting and note the measurement.

Now convert the rider mounted measurements to millimeters. Now subtract this from the front and rear fully extended numbers you measured. This result is your rider sag. You want the front to be right about 38mm and the rear to be about 25mm.

honda cbr1000rr 2013 suspension setup

You adjust sag with the bike's preload.For information regarding the availability of this special edition motorcycle please contact Honda Customer Relations on 03 or customer. In what is an incredibly unique offer, the Team Honda Racing mechanics will tailor the set-up of each CBRRR SP to the individual requirements of each customer and provide a certificate with the details of the dyno reading and suspension set-up to assist with future servicing.

The Fully adjustable, the 43mm inverted fork and rear shock were developed specifically for the CBRRR SP to offer superbly balanced all-round performance. The calliper body is standard but Brembo manufactured special pistons for use in the new machine, with pad material designed to give consistent and linear feel when braking hard from high speed. Home Motorcycle News.

Moto News Weekly Serco Yamaha 20th anniversary edition. Insights into the dirty minds of Yamaha race technicians Motorcycle News April 3, Around the world with The Bear Part 26 Dubrovnik Features April 2, Mitch Evans recovering from successful shoulder surgery Motorcycle News April 1, Load more.

AU is a specialist on-line resource that provides motorcycle news for motorcyclists. MCNews covers all areas of interest for the motorcycling public including news, reviews and comprehensive racing coverage.So far as a defining mechanical unique selling points go, "balance free rear cushion" isn't exactly the most evocative description. Here's how it works. The rear suspension system uses the Unit Pro-Link configuration and introduces the first Balance Free Rear Cushion on a production motorcycle.

The damper piston features no valves. Instead the damping force is generated as displaced oil passes through a separate damping component. And because there is no small amount of oil being used at high pressures, damping force response is improved and damping force can function smoothly during load input. Moreover, damping force can be generated smoothly when switching from tension to compression due to smooth pressure changes.

To allow road and track riders to more easily adjust the rear compression and rebound damping performance, the adjusters have been placed prominently on the top of the shock body, offset to the left.

As a result the rear suspension can be more quickly adapted to suit different riding conditions and requirements.

honda cbr1000rr 2013 suspension setup

If you got bored after the first paragraph, the main points are: It's never been used on a production bike before, it's good for a measurable improvement over the last generation shock and most importantly, it utilizes a twin-tube design with a solid piston. Damping takes place outside the shock body and since the piston is solid, the kind of cavitation that can occur in single tube shocks that have valves in the piston is a non-issue.

Because this shock technology is nearly identical. The only discernible difference is the adjuster style, accessibility and position, with the edge going to this Showa unit. Single tube shocks consist of an oil filled tube and a piston on a shaft. The piston moves up and down through the oil and has valves built into it to affect damping. This is a very simplified explanation, but it works well enough. A twin tube shock works similarly, but instead of one tube filled with oil, there is a tube within a tube.

The piston is solid and sealed to the walls of the inner tube and damping occurs elsewhere. This is good for two reasons: Cavitationor bubbles that form in the oil as it passes through the piston and then immediately implode, often causing damage can be significantly reduced, and with damping external to the shock body, it is possible to completely separate compression and rebound and offer both a wider and finer range of adjustment.

Things become more complicated from here. Imagine you're leaned over on a powerful liter-bike, going through a corner on a track.

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You're just about at the apex, and you've already started to apply power. Things feel pretty good, you're confident and ready to drive out of the corner, stand the bike up and fly down the straight. As you apply power, the majority of the bike's weight is shifted to the rear wheel and the suspension compresses. Traction from the rear tire is more important than anything else right now and a slide or any change will likely upset the chassis and ruin your drive. At worst, you could experience a sudden and complete loss of traction, go sideways, and high-side.

That's certainly not the fastest way around the track. This shock is going to help that. A lot. Now imagine your powerful liter-bike is equipped with the factory single tube shock. The front wheel is still in contact with the ground, but just barely.


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